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Ryan White

The Mister is currently attending a seminar on Legal Aspects of Healthcare and he came in for lunch and had me do some quick research for him on Ryan White and as usual, I am in tears.
Ryan died young but left a legacy that anyone could be proud of.
To this day, many thousands of people benefit from legislation enacted after his death.

But here was something that I did not previously know:
At Ryan's funeral, his pallbearers included Elton John, Phil Donahue and former football great/car spokesman/and NFL commentator Howie Long. My love/admiration for Howie just jumped 1000%.

and OMG here come the tears again....

from Wiki:
"The Last Song" is the second single by Elton John from the album The One. The song was composed by John, with the lyrics by Bernie Taupin.

This song was written in the memory of Ryan White, a young AIDS patient who died at age 18, with whom John was close.

"It marked the first of his American singles to benefit his AIDS foundation. Taupin faxed the lyrics to Elton in Paris, shortly after Freddie Mercury died. "I was crying all the time as I wrote the music," Elton told The Advocate, "and it was very hard for me to sing it." The song tells of an estranged father coming to terms with the sexuality of his gay son, who is dying of an AIDS-related illness. Gus Van Sant was not the first choice to direct the video. David Hockney and Madonna declined the offer. Originally titled "Song for 1992", it was renamed to avoid dating it."

The song was used during a closing montage featuring people who died of AIDS (including White himself) at the end of the 1993 film And the Band Played On.

Michael died in 1993 as this song was still popular on the radio. During the week that he was in intensive care, I heard the song on the radio I kept in his room for him (even though he was in a coma) and shortly after we took him off life support, when I was the only one in the room, that song once again came on the radio.

(More tears)

Michael's father died when he was a boy, but my dad loved him like he was his son. My dad never liked Elton John until this song came out.

After Michael died, I chose The Last Song to be the closing song at his memorial service.
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I See You

Today I saw Avatar for the third time. This time I saw it in the IMAX theater. I have seen many, many movies 3 or more times, but only a couple of movies have I seen 3 times at the movie theater.

The first movie that I saw 3 times was The Poseidon Adventure in 1972. That is the movie that started my love of disaster flicks.

I saw Sophie's Choice 3 times in 1982. But like Gilda Radner used to say, I saw it 3 times, but I cried 4 times, cuz I knew the story so well I cried on my way to see it the 3 time.

I guess technically I went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show about 10 times back in the 1970's but I also did alot of drugs back then so it's possible that I only saw the movie once and it just seemed like 10 times... or maybe I saw it 20 times but I was so fucked up I forgot about 10 of them.

Either way....

I did see Avatar again today and I thought it was just as awesome as the first two times.

I leave again tomorrow for another week.

The Mister called me a jet-setter. I rephrased that to vagabound.
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In Honor Of Veteran's Day ~ 2009

In honor of all the brave men and women who have served our country, and who continue to serve our country, I would like to say a very personal Thank You.

For the fourth year in a row, I am posting my song Merry Christmas From Iraq which was inspired, in part, by a photo posted here on LJ on Veteran's Day, 2006.

I'll stop posting this song when the wars are over.
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Lighning Struck Our House Today

Why does that not even phase me??
But that is not where the story starts.... or maybe it is?

It had been a week since we had talked. After my little chitchat with Inspector GOB this afternoon, I was ready to finally give in and have "The Talk". I was going to wait until 7pm and call him. So I inhaled, and exhaled. And 7pm came and went. And I did not call him. My sister-in-law, K, called me and told me that my mom had called her wanting to know if she had heard from me since it had been a couple days since we all last talked. So she wanted to know if everything was ok and I told her no. I told her that The Mister and I hadn't talked now for a week and he (The Mister) had now set a couple of things into play that were signaling his desire to want to end our relationship. Of course, by the time we were done talking she already had my palimony figured out!

So we said goodbye and then I decided that I would wait until 8:00pm, because by then, Jeopardy! would be over and if his mom was in our office, she would be heading up to her room then. But as I was jotting down some notes to make sure I stayed on track, my phone rang at 7:47pm and I saw that it was The Mister.

We had to chat for a minute about the properties. No, the guy in 5700 never paid. No I didn't file the eviction today. The paperwork changed.... again. I will file the paperwork first thing monday. Yes, the other ones are out of our old apartment. Mostly. At least I can get started.

and then a pause....
and then he just says, "Well?" which gave me the perfect chance to say the first thing I had jotted down, "Well what? It's been a week. You have had plenty of time to think of something to say."

So he says that he had asked me to wait to leave until he had gotten home and to not take the two little dogs. I told him that I had explained my reasons for my actions in the letter. "You did read the letter didn't you?" I asked. He did not reply. I said, "Well I explained it all do I need to do it again?" and he then said, "I read the letter."

He then said: "Mark, I don't know what to do with you. You have just been acting crazy now for months. I mean, really crazy! What's going on? What am I supposed to do?"

I then said: "Hold on... I am not acting crazy. I have had some intense shit going on this year. Yeah, some of it might be me, but let me recap: First, your brother moved in. But even still, we started off the year ok. But then January my grandmother died. And then you and I started to worry about your brother and sister-in-law getting jobs (they would finally get jobs in May and June). We started February and the worst-ever apartment cleaning situation we have ever had, which took me 5 weeks to settle. Oh, and then my dad died in March. Let's not forget that and everything that went with it the next couple of months.  I continued: Then we got to May and remember that bigass fight we had when we were putting in the front landscaping. Who started that one? Your brother. And I got to retell that story to him, but I think he may have looked at it a little differently this time since really, that happened at the end of May and he and I (for the most part) have been geographically separated for >50% of the time since and never resolved that one which basically continued to   Collapse )
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My New Plan

So I was driving around. This is what I do when I am pissed, worried, mad or moody. I drive. I did not drive like last night, but the night is still young ; )

Seriously though, as I was driving, I came upon a brilliant plan. I am not going to tell The Mister that I actually called and met with the police. See, if I tell him he is going to go into pissed-off mode right away and that will cloud whatever he had been planning. This morning he was all like "I'm sorry this is happening." and "I'll be home tomorrow, I'll straighten everything out." So if I tell him, he will be pissed and I never will have known how he was going to "make it all better."

Besides (rational disclaimer) I told him yesterday if his brother fucked with me in any way again I was going to call the police. His brother fucked with me (allegedly hitting my truck) so I called the police. The Mister has a VERY good memory, and seldom do I have to repeat myself. So the only logical thing was that I was going to call the police. I see no reason to tell him that not only did I call them, but I met with them and gave them a report.

The officer told me what she did as far as her report, but as I was re-reading what I wrote earlier, I found that I omitted one small fact. She said that she would file her report and it was up to The State to see if there was enough evidence to warrant an investigation so technically, they may or may not ever come to the house. But in the meantime, I can see how The Mister handles this based on what happened only and see how he proceeds. My next move will certainly depend on what he does.

Poll #1440774 My New Plan

What do you think of my new plan?

It is a good plan.
It is a bad plan.
Major, you should tell The Mister that you called and met the poilice.
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Bruised And Battered

Under the cut (LOL) are pics of my cuts and scrapes from my near-death experience on the Ocoee River earlier this week.    

Collapse )

But here is a sweet picture if you get queasy looking at scrapes, cuts, and bruises.
            Annie and Joey taking a cat-nap.
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My Brother The Comic

From my Facebook wall:
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Kevin posted something on your Wall and wrote:

"as an interesting bit of irony the rank of Major does not exist in the US Navy. Coincidence - maybe maybe not"
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"Rode Hard And Put Up Wet" & H8

Rode hard and put up wet.
Michael used to say that all the time.
I never really understood it. Now I do.

This morning with the pain pills worn off, I am feeling my canoeing adventure in an intense way. My knees (the righty and the lefty, the ones that were sunburned a couple of days ago) and sore and stiff, and both still have impressive "goose eggs". My right ankle is a little tender and since that whole leg is cut up from my big toe to my knee, I am favoring my left leg, which at first wasn't giving me problems I think because yesterday most of the pain was in my right leg and that was receiving my attention. Both of my hands have also swelled up and in fact I had to take my wedding band off. My shoulder is killing me.

My mom is giving me the day off from her list and has gone to the store to get a couple more Thesauruses (that is waaaaaaaaay too many S's for me! Thesari??) for the bookbags and a few more things that the kids need. Tomorrow is the actual day that they are supposed to put the bookbags together with the children's names and everything, but she has a group from her congregation doing that with her, so I will probably head home when she goes to do that. I have to be back by Thursday because Tito Mark has babysitting duties.

She does have one Snoball bush that really needs to be pruned, so this afternoon I'll do that. She hates it when it gets overgrown past the top of the deck off the back of the house but my dad always loved it when it would do that cuz it gave his naked ass some privacy in his hot tub. Well, since he and the hot tub are no longer with us (my mom sold it shortly after he died because it was a constant reminder of his daily soaks I guess) I will hobble up the ladder and top it off for her at floor level to the deck. I'm still a little fuzzy from the pain meds yesterday so I have to wait for that to wear off before I go climbing on ladders with sharp instruments (LOL but not really) because I already used up another of my lives yesterday and I don't want to push it.

It was very interesting watching Kathy Griffin last night with my mom since it primarily dealt with Prop 8 in California. My mom is a Cali girl (born in Merced, raised in Santa Maria, and nursing school in San Francisco) and probably about 95% of her family lives there. While my mom and her mom (who passed away in January) are fairly liberal, the rest of her family really isn't. Most of you longtimers here remember my position last year in the election. That position cost me alot of "friends" here who defriended me during the whole ordeal.

What they never really understood was that I was not and am not against gay marriage! But I am against trying to think that we can change people's fundamental beliefs about gays getting married. Left to the vote of the general population, most states will never allow us to get married. Our only hope is with the Courts, and I use the Capital C because it will ultimately go to The Supreme Courts. I think that everyone, gay and straight, should be allowed to become legal partners. THEN, if you or your straight brothers and sisters, or whoever, wants to have a ceremony in a church, and call it marriage, then by all means, you should be able to do that if you can find a church that will do such things (for the gays). I bet there are still PLENTY of churches out there today that will not marry a white male and a black female heterosexual couple and that is just as wrong!!

So, while I would always vote in favor of gay marriage, I just don't see it happening. If we would put the focus on equal civil unions for gay, bi and straight couples (with the individual option of a church marriage ceremony if that floats your canoe boat) then I think we would get further with the general population. And there is no need to go all Plessy V. Ferguson on me, because like the straights.... I am old and set in my beliefs.
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