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Happy Memorial Day Weekend, A Piece Of Art, & Me

I hope that everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend. Take a minute to remember and thank all the men and women who have served our country.  For all those wounded... pray for healing of body and mind... and for the loved ones of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice... a special prayer for you.
You are always in my thoughts.

 When I went to get a Powerade Zero after finishing the installation I saw the time and temperature on the school marquis around the corner from where we live and it indicated that it was 101º  so my pants had their usual wetness from that sweat trail. Anyway... almost everything was recycled in this piece of folk art.

Today, S&M did not stand for Sewing and Mending...
It stood for Sawing and Measuring...

My brother will use this as a backdrop.             
The art.

The artist.

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