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The Whistle & The Blue Moon

My dad used to have a special whistle for us five kids. I hated it. It was loud, and kind of obnoxious. (I could never whistle like he did.) It did not matter if we were at the amusement park riding roller coasters, which we often were, or at the beach trying to outswim (or outrun) the rip currents, when he whistled for us, we were to come in an an instant. Us 4 boys were usually (and queerly) all dressed alike and my sister would also be in something that sort of matched, and there we would all be... standing at attention for our Major Dad.

When I was about 16 or 17, and living in El Paso, Texas, he did his whistle for us to come inside.... it was time for dinner. Taking a cue from Maria in The Sound of Music I confronted him and told him that whistles were for dogs, and not for children.
I never heard that whistle come out of him again.

The Blue Moon.

From Wiki:
Recent popular usage defined a blue moon as the second full moon in a calendar month, stemming from an interpretation error made in 1946 that was discovered in 1999.[1] For example, December 31, 2009 was a blue moon according to this usage.
A "blue moon" is also used colloquially to mean "a rare event", reflected in the phrase "once in a blue moon".[3]

The following was the first time I heard from MisterNinjaWarrior after 15 years: 

You can see the date in the upper right corner.

(clicky the pic and it will get bigger)

Blue moon,
You saw me standing alone,
Without a dream in my heart.
Without a love of my own.
Blue moon,
You knew just what I was there for.
You heard me saying a prayer for.
Someone to call my own.
Oh, Oh, someone to call my own.
Blue moon,
You saw me standing alone.
Whitout a dream in my heart.
Without a love of my own.
Ah, without a love of my own.
Blue moon, oh, blue moon.
Whithout a love of my own.

(This was actually April's full moon but it was the only decent moon pic I've taken.)
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