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When It Rains.... Drive A Lincoln SUV

Since it was going to cost us over $300.00 to change our plane reservations to leave a day early, we decided to rent a car and drive to Tuscon to go to the La Fiesta de los Vacqueros rodeo.

We wanted to just get an economy car, but as fate would have it, it started raining really hard as we were on the way to Enterprise, and this location had very few cars. The car they had for us had been left with the passenger window down and the car inside was soaked! So they upgraded us at no charge to a Lincoln SUV. SWEET! We drove a couple of hundred miles and went to the rodeo, which we had been to a couple of years ago. We would have planned on this from the beginning but were given the incorrect information that the rodeo ended last week. It just started!

So we drove across Arizona and got to the rodeo just as it started. I was surprised that it was so cold and that there was snow on the mountains around the city. It had been raining so the rodeo arena was a mess. Muddy, dirty, sweaty cowboys and I was in heaven! We had primo boxseats front and center and it was fun to see and hear and experience the 85th Annual La Fiesta de los Vacqueros rodeo from the second row. Now I wish we were staying in Tuscon! Oh well, I got the t-shirt, I got the ballcap, and I got a corndog.

Now we are back at our resort.... sitting across from one another, each lost in cyberspace. We will have a late afternoon return flight to Georgia tomorrow, so I am kinda glad we did not go home early now. Under the cut are some pictures.


                             The prickly thing                                                      
     Day Is Done, Gone The Sun....      
but now it is back to the S.O.S. and separate beds.. soon to be back in separate rooms : (.
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